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  • Name: Brieanne Locke
  • Age: 35
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  • Location: Corning, NY US
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about meself

I'm a 26 old blonde, blue-eyed freak of nature. I say freak of nature because I have Albinism which is considered a rare genetic disorder. But most people don't even know I have it because I don't have pink eyes and I have SOME pigment. People don't realize that there are more than one kind of albinism in humans. But I still stand out in a crowd. I live in Corning, NY with my bf Alfa and our two cats, Sake and Gypsie.
I'm a Senior Teller at Chemung Canal Trust Co. I spend most of my free time reading books and watching movies (I love Redbox!)
I also have Josh Groban's initials tattooed on my back...Apparently, I was the first person to get a josh-related tattoo, so I guess that makes me special....or possibly just creepy. But don't worry...Sunshine's tattoo was way more gutsy than mine. She deserves a standing ovation for her tattoo...just marvelous. I bet Josh is just THRILLED with us.

Me Jobby

Senior Bank teller...I get to play with money all day and hand out suckers and doggy biscuits. What more could I want? know, besides making more money.

Me Hobbies

Reading, movie watching, swimming, archery, art, and making people laugh. I'll talk to anybody. I'm kind of random and oddball-ish, but you'll learn something new every time you talk to me. i have an endless capacity for useless information.
I love puzzles and word games like cryptograms and such. I absolutely MUST keep my brain agile..otherwise I'm pretty sure I'd go senile at 35.
I also enjoy a good whiskey sour now and then or a glass or Red Cat. I don't know if you've ever heard of Red Cat, but it is a great sweet red table wine made in the Finger Lakes wine region (which is where I live) and anybody who likes sweet wine will LOVE this stuff. It's made by Hazlit Vineyards if you want to check it out.

Me yuku Posties

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